Friday, April 24, 2009

Tea......a Beverage or a Culture?

The First thing that comes into the mind of an Indian,everyday....even when we are half woken.."e cup Sah!!!!!!!!!" ...a typical Assamese way of saying-a cup of tea.
The very thought itself is refreshing,energizing and fills our minds with vigor. A cup of Tea is not just another beverage which we consume to make us feel good or reel in high spirits. Its even more than the great aroma or the marvelous taste that a good cup of tea gives.
Drinking Tea is an ordeal,consummating history, reawakening legacy and rekindling memories and bringing about Fellowship-one with another. Its a culture that originated way back in the 6th century,with little or no knowledge, that it could have so much of impact on ones everyday life , that someone like me would actually be sitting and writing about this wild leaf,which one day fell into the boiling pot of drinking water,that one of the Emperors of China was preparing, as a part of his daily ordeal. The earliest record of Tea drinking was in 729 AD, when Emperor Shomu invited 100 Buddhist Monk to take Tea in his palace. From that time on an elaborate ritual grow up around the making of Tea,called cha-no-yu, a long and intricate ceremony.
Tea was first discovered in Assam in the year 1839. Since then Tea drinking has become a social culture. Tea is offered in Assam as a sign of Welcome to visitors, tea is offered on ceremonial occasions( Tea Party) and Tea is offered to express ones generosity.

Why Tea????What kind of Tea? Why am I talking about the Assamese Tea???If your a one who relishes Tea,follow this blog to know more about the different types of tea and different ways Tea could be prepared to suit different moods.....Happy Tea time!!!!!

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